Points of interest

If you decide to spend a few days in our region, you should not overlook these attractions


Bystrianska cave

Is located in the village Bystrá, it is the most important cave of the Upper Hron River Valley. Remarkable rocky features and evolution of underground spaces, occurrence of flowstone fills as well as  favourable climatic conditions for speleotherapeutical treatment.


Natural swimming pool Tale

Tale swimming pool is open all year round and includes a number of attractions as a children playground with swings, volleyball and TARZANIA park with ropes.


Artificial reservoir Krpáčovo provides ideal refreshment not only for turists. There is a possibility to rent a pedal boat or a boat so as to provide opportunities for families with children

Forest open-air museum and Black Hron railway

One of the greatest attractions in Horehronie region and central Slovakia is the historic Čiernohronská forest railway .It once hauled timber down the picturesque valley of the river Čierny Hron, now it transports visitors and above all their children. Since 2003, visitors can also visit the interesting open-air museum of forest.

Golf course

Golf course Gray Bear Tale – the first 18-hole golf course in Slovakia is located less than 2 km from the hostel in a beautiful coutryside.

Cross-country skiing

If you want to enjoy a beautiful day in a unique nature, you can spend even on skis. The nearest cross country track is located a few meters from our hostel in Ski Tale.


The village and the whole surrounding area  is a perfect place for cycling. Forest trails and paths are  ideal routes for demanding cyclo enthusiasts. We offer a top brand bikes that are there for you.

The Dead Bats’ Cave

It is located in the central part of the Low Tatras at an altitude of 1 750 m asl. The cave contains many corridors in 14 explored floors and two parallel branches. The largest subterranean chamber – The Bystrický dóm, which has a volume of 52 500m2, is located on the 7th floor at a depth of 180 m. The cave was named on the basis of the findings of bat bones, which are everywhere. Their age is estimated at 6000 years.

Horehronie museum in Brezno

The museum was established as a local history museum in 1960. From 1965 until now the museum has regional competence and through its collections it provides visitors a picture of the history and culture of districts of Brezno and Banská Bystrica. It has three permanent exhibitions: Life and culture of people in Horehronie, Brezno in changing times and Literary Brezno.

Museum of bells in Šumiac

This is a unique museum of a private collection which belongs to a folklorist, musician and singer, Mr. Nicholas Gigac, who is also the owner of the museum. Located in the village Šumiac directly under Kralova hola it is a collection of more than 2000 bells of different shapes, sizes and sounds. They come not only from Slovakia but also from Hungary, Russia, Spain, Japan, etc.

Chalet Zbojská

A chalet, a restaurant, an accommodation and yard sale are all located in one place. You will be delighted at great food, beautiful surroundings and really nice people. The Chalet Zbojská organizes various events with many different attractions throughout the whole year.


Low Tatras National Park offers a large number of hiking trails of various difficulties. Beautiful views of the peaks reachable for every  tourist, who can take the cable car up right to the top of  peak Chopok (2024 a.s.l ) and then  continue on the ridge either to Dereše  peak (2004 a.s.l or to the highest peak of the Low Tatras Ďumbier (2043  a.s.l). Families or hiking beginners can enjoy a rich offer of easy hiking trails to  Trangoška Chalet, Kosodrevina  chalet Stone chalet by  Chopok or Chalet of gen. M. R. Stefanik.

Ski resorts

Hostel surrounding offers rich  range of  excelent ski resorts. Only 700 m  from the hostel is a ski resort Tale. Other popular ski resort Mýto pod Ďumbierom is situated 4 km from the hostel and 7 km from the hostel is the largest ski resort in Slovakia Chopok Jasna – South.


Among the biggest ski resorts not only in Horehronie, but also throughout Slovakia is Jasna Low Tatras. You will enjoy skiing in the north and south side of Chopok (2024 m asl). For skiers there is available up to 49 km well-prepared slopes suitable for beginners, families with children and  advanced skiers. In this top ski resort, you can be in just 11 minutes from our hostel.

Ski centre Mýto

Six kilometers from us there is another popular and excellent ski resort SKI CENTRE TOLL, with a total length of 2.5 km. Transportation of skiers is ensured by the new four-seat POMI UNIFIX with a capacity of 2000 persons /per hour, as well as the three other lifts. All ski slopes are governed daily with the latest technology and trained staff

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